Extranet for suppliers of the Barcelona City Council Housing Board


The official institution that Barcelona City Council has to manage its housing stock, needed to improve communication with responsible suppliers for the building and housing maintenance. Until now, ordinary mail and, if there was a hurry, the telephone were the usual means of communication.

A WEB application that is fed from the Board’s central repository -Oracle- will send email to the suppliers indicating them a need for action. Following the link provided, they can access the extranet, collect information and interact with it.

The application is made using the Microsoft ASP .NET platform. Some advanced features are developed directly in Javascript.

After validation, the supplier can list the pending work requests, or see those that are in progress.


Assigned Supplier Actions

Assigned Supplier Actions

From the requests to be processed, it is now time to make an economic quote, which will later be assessed by the technical services of the Board. This quote is made through a great utility graphic object in a tree format, where the section opening leads to its subfamilies. Tree with the material items and tasks to be included in the quote.

Tree with the material items and tasks to be included in the quote

Today, the relationship between suppliers and the Board is much more agile and efficient. They can even consult the status of their invoices or check if there are more information requests for a given quote.

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