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workflow flashdata

Workflows (AntWay)

When you start programming you tend to write all the code in the same place. Spaghetti code.

Then you learn to divide the functionality into objects and layers. That’s better

When a corporation begins to have more and more programs performing all kinds of functions, a “gendarme” is needed to start them, stop them, prioritize them, and communicate them. But according to the enterprise’s workflows. Doing that efficiently is very complicated.

AntWay is a Flash Data development on the WorkflowEngine software. The platform organizes the company’s program workflows through a workflow mechanism

Does my company need to organize the programs through a workflow, or workflow system?

Certificado digital. Firma electrónica

By working with institutions, and in compliance with current legislation, individuals (or machines, or programs) are authorized and validated through signature mechanisms and digital certificates. One of our concerns and expertise is to ensure that applications are signed with digital certificates fulfilling all legal requirements.