Rental subsidies campaign 2007

The Barcelona City Council’s Housing Board is taking part in the 2007 “Rental subsidies” campaign. An attendance of thousands of citizens was expected, as it has been. The whole city council housing office network will collaborate in the campaign and the Board’s computer services will supply the software. The software setup and inter-office connections to the central information repository will be coordinated with the Informatics Municipal Institute (IMI). Flash Data is hired to prepare the entire infrastructure and software development, in collaboration with the municipal own resources. An Oracle database will serve as a data store for all processes. Through secure queries based on digital certificates, the City Council’s Statistics department will be consulted, as well as the Tax Office, about the accuracy of the information provided by the applicants. The set of requests will be subsequently processed with backoffice tools which will have to be built and, after going through the appropriate controls, sent in batches to the Generalitat.


Fast and agile data input environment…

Faced with the logical fear of being overwhelmed by queues of citizens who would have to wait until the queries of those before them in the ranks were slowly resolved, an initial screen would be designed to quickly calculate the benefit to be granted or, if not, its refusal; all this with barely the essential data collected.

Personal data input section, rule validation

The fact that the “business rules” are activated field by field is the greatest concern, so that the inevitable human input mistakes are warned and corrected, in order to achieve the essential integrity of the data.

What it takes to schedule an appointment…

It has been necessary to combine and harmonise the agendas of dozens of informants, from various centres, with different timetables, during certain periods. The length of the interview, changes and cancellations, all in a simple and intuitive environment.

The second view…

During the visit in which it has been previously appointed, it is necessary to introduce all the required data to process the subsidy. Manage the provided documents according to the contractor’s declaration, print the appropriate documentation. An XML WEB service provides instantly and transparently the registration number (top right)

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