Randsomware Protection

Protect your company against ransomware

What is ransomware?

Rescue malware, or ransomware, is a type of malware that blocks users from accessing their system or personal files and requires a ransom payment to be able to access them again. The first ransomware variants were created in the late 1980s, and payment had to be made by post. Today, the ransomware developers request payment by crypto-currency or credit card.

Protect your business:

At Flash Data we offer our customers the permanent solution to ransomware problems: a software for management, storage and daily work with shared files. Thanks to this software, companies can work with files stored in the Cloud. It replaces and exceeds in functionality to: virtual disks, NAS, file servers, classic Intranets, FTP servers and VPN networks. Without installing devices and extremely easily.

What is Dataprius?

Dataprius is not a cloud storage like Drive, Dropbox or PCloud. Nor does it seem like Sharepoint, OwnCloud or Documentum. It is a complete system of folders and files that allows direct management and work with documents without needing to synchronise.

It speeds up operations with the company’s files using the Cloud as a repository. You will benefit from this system for:

1. Work in the Cloud with the company’s files, from the offices and anywhere.
2. Comply with European standards of privacy and data protection RGPD.
3. Share files with staff and clients.
4. Avoid the problems of other systems based on synchronising files. Maximum protection of documents.
5. SAS system (Software AS Service) quickly implemented and pay-per-use. Flexible.


RGPD. Contracts with clients

Contracts with clients Signing of RGPD contracts as required by law. In writing, with data from both parties and delivered in PDF format.

Technical Support

Performed by humans who always respond within minutes. Doubts and possible incidents are solved with system use.

It is not a synchronizer

Designed for direct file editing in the Cloud. No conflicting copies or synchronisations. Immune to Ransomware or Cryptolocker viruses.

Sharing documents with customers

It allows access to complete folders. Clients can have a file repository shared by the company. Links for downloading and editing.

File protection mechanisms

Equipped with mechanisms to prevent loss or accidental deletion of stored files. Automatic copies, recycling bin, etc.

Office and Outlook add-ons

With add-ons for: Word, Excel and Powerpoint. It integrates with the most used Office tools.

Access through applications and devices

Desktop application for Windows. Access via Web application and IOS, Android mobile devices.

Direct work with any type of file and online editors.

Any type of file is edited from the application . For the Office application it also includes online editors for all formats, without conversions.

Customizing with company logos

Customizing with company logos. In desktop application, web, mobile applications and corporate emails.

Storage capacity and users on demand

Scalable. Adjusts at all times to the company’s needs. Always flexible in capacity and number of users.

Easy to use. Installed and operated in minutes.

An environment as easy to use as the folders and files on any system. But in the Cloud with all the advantages.

Redundant file storage

The files are stored in duplicate in different areas. The only system with this feature.

With Backups in the Cloud itself.

To forget about backups. Manual backups in the Cloud itself and stored in a different area. In addition, all customer accounts have free automatic weekly backups.

Application-integrated secure mail.

Secure email integrated into all system applications. Customized with the company’s corporate image. To send files and folders to multiple users.

Digital signature of PDF documents

With total simplicity, without external applications. You sign PDF documents in the Cloud and save them directly in the Cloud without having to leave your environment.

Integration of any web application

Any Web application be it CRM, ERP, administration or company management can be integrated with Dataprius. Files can be uploaded and downloaded on the system.

Would you like more information or are you interested in this service?

Send us an email to info@flashdata.org or call us on964 789 580 we will be happy to help you.