Payment gateway

Payment Gateway Development


The payment gateway is a web application developed in ASP.NET with MVC5. It gathers the data from the database through a Windows service. Based on the gathered data, it can identify the pending payment requests.


  • On its first screen it shows a summary of what is being charged.
  • In the subsequent step, when the payment process starts, it prepares a form with all the requested data to redirect to the Redsys website, which is the agent between the bank and us, this step is almost unnoticeable for the user.

Once redirected, Redsys is responsible of collecting and validating the card data. When Redsys considers that payment feasible, it notifies us to a web service that we have published with the given specifications. This service is responsible for making the appropriate verifications in order to process the payment and updates data in the database through the payment windows service. An “OK” message is returned to Redsys if the whole process has been successful, at this point is when the payment is confirmed. This allows us to have the ” final word ” when processing the operation.

Finally, if everything has been successful, Redsys gives the user the option to return to our payment page where the result of the payment is reported, either positive or negative. By default, the gateway gets a return url.

The gateway can work with any bank as long as the bank uses Redsys as an agent. A simple setting has to be added.

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