A very simple definition of outsourcing is: “the subcontracting of a company’s processes to its suppliers”.

Isn’t it cheaper to do things with our own resources? Well, yes and no. If we compare the employee’s paycheck with the supplier’s end-of-month invoice, we might think it’s more economical to do everything ourselves. But let’s do more numbers.

For example, our employee will take a vacation, get sick or one day for justifiable reasons – or not – will be absent and we will have to bear that cost. The supplier supports all of this with the resources it provides.

In addition, if we have peak and off-peak periods, with our own resources we may not be able to adjust our staffing easily, leading to unnecessary costs. With the external supplier we can always agree on such flexibility.

The specialization and complexity of computer developments is increasing. Is our company dedicated to Information Technology, or something else? If our Company manufactures shirts, or sells flats, or ships goods, we are sure that in each of these areas it is very competent. Why burden yourself with the responsibility of being computer efficient? That would mean creating an IT department, training it, providing it with resources, making it efficient… Taken to the extreme, if that department performed so well, perhaps our company has created, without realizing it, another IT service company. And to make the investment profitable, it would have to offer services to third parties. Is that what we want?

The average solution is to have a basic departmental IT infrastructure focused on the company’s business knowledge. In this way, the requests to IT have the “know how” that just those who have been in the business for years know. And, then, where it is not possible to reach, valuable suppliers to give support to the IT department can be counted on.

We want – Flash Data – to be that technology outsourcing provider that your company needs.

The Company’s resources are not spread over unfocused activities with the Company’s purpose. Difficult projects with own resources are now achievable

  • Highly qualified staff can be used
  • Labor cost reduction. Less labor complexity.
  • (Works Council)

  • The Company can quickly react to environmental changes
  • More flexible company

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