Computer Maintenance

What is computer maintenance?

If we want our company to be competitive, we must make an investment in computer equipment that will later pay off well. Once the equipment has been bought, someone has to maintain it, because as all things, it wears out and suffers breakdowns, without counting the computer attacks that could bring the company to a standstill.

Should the manager waste his time in this field? At Flash Data we think – NOT, “shoemaker to your shoes”. Leave that part to the professionals. With our computer maintenance service you will be prepared to reduce the risk to a minimum.

From Flash Data we think that preventive maintenance will help you avoid problems that sooner or later would come.

Main services

1. Servers, routers and network devices maintenance.

This is a very delicate part of a company. If everything is properly configured and maintained, the operation will be optimal. We will not lose hours without being able to work, nor will we have data loss without a solution.

2. PC and printer maintenance.

Any device in a company is a risk for a computer attack or for our network to be slower than normal. With good maintenance, the risks are reduced exponentially.

Why is computer maintenance important?

Often the equipment’s warranty stops working, and there are even things that warranty doesn’t cover, such as the computer slowing down or slowing down so much that we become desperate in front of the screen. A badly installed driver, malware that makes the computer not work properly at all, security updates not installed both in the operating system and in the programs we have installed There are many variables that can cause our computer equipment to malfunction and steal the valuable time we have. Not to mention the loss of data, which would be devastating for our company.

Mistakes made when thinking about maintenance

“I can solve the problems myself by searching on youtube”

In some cases it could be, but in most cases it will not be possible because of lack of experience to do so. That will require a lot of time in training without knowing if we will succeed in our work. Many mistakes can be avoided with preventive computer maintenance.

“The computers are new, I won’t have any problems for years.”

This should be the case, but there are many elements that contribute to the PC malfunctioning, for example: no updates to the operating system, no updates to programs that are already installed, no good anti-virus, or no updates and good configuration. Malware installed without our knowledge, with the risk that this entails. Too many programs executing at the beginning and it slows down the start up. In many cases the majority of these programs are not used normally, but they do consume resources.

“We’ll do things as the problems arise”

The lack of preventive maintenance leads to increasingly serious problems that will make our performance in the company ever less effective. We hear more and more news of the type… company paralyzed due to a computer attack. We cannot leave it to chance when we become victims of such an attack, we must be prepared to avoid surprises.

Flash Data Solutions

Technical Support Service by hours

Flash Data offers a technical support service by hours, which helps you to minimize costs in the computer equipment maintenance, since you will not have to pay a fixed fee every month. You only pay for the time spent on solving your problem. The interventions will be by remote control to achieve greater speed, if the problem cannot be solved, a technician will come to your offices.


  • 20€ per hour for equipment (pc, printer).
  • 40€ per hour for servers.
  • 10€ the transport in Castellón