Each organization creates and holds rules for its business: “a customer cannot exceed his credit authorized by the commercial management”. The software used by such organization has to be adapted to those standards. Here is the problem, if the rules require frequent changes, the software would have to be re-made and, depending on how it is built, the cost of remodeling, testing and distribution can make the change difficult. This leads to stopping the organization’s initiatives instead of pushing them.

Business rule engines are systems that help automate the implementation of business rules within the software. In other words, you avoid having to redo and recompile the software. Flash Data, in collaboration with its main clients, has developed a business rules engine system which, based on the CSLA framework and using a metadata repository, makes all software developments possible to have rules engine.

BEFORE. Rule: “the customer who buys more than 100 euro will get a gift” Modified rule: “to get the gift, you have to buy 100 euro in books” Billing software: must be rebuilt to incorporate the new rule.

NOW The billing software always asks for the business rules it has to apply at any particular time,

and automatically adjusts to them.

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