Ascend E-commerce Connector

Creation Ascend E-commerce Connector


E-commerce has many advantages in the business context such as expanding the market, making your business a show-room 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, minimum support costs, new customers, etc. However, it is common to find some problems or disadvantages such as:

  • Stock problems
  • Incorrect Stock
  • Duplicate Sales
  • Duplicate Customers
  • Slow stock update

For this reason, it can be difficult for a businessman to have enough time to manage a physical store and an E-commerce in parallel.


At Flash Data we have developed an E-commerce connector for Ascend and Trekk. Thanks to this connector, Ascend is linked to the customer’s website in a quick and easy way. In short, you can focus on your business without distractions or headaches.

This connector performs these features:

  • Stock
  • Reliable stock
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Listen 360 – AscendHQ


Without technical details:

  • A file with the actual stock of your store is generated by Ascend, our connector ” translates ” this stock into a recognizable database for your site and publishes it in your e-commerce.
  • When a purchase is completed through your online store, a file will be generated by our connector, Ascend will read it, import it and generate a booking into your RMS.
  • Through the post settings you will be able to manage all the details for the products upload: images, products with reduced taxes (nutrition), data update…


  • Product synchronization
  • Automatic stock synchronization
  • Order management
  • Avoid duplicate customers
  • Easily and efficiently manage images
  • Customized E-commerce platform
  • Suitable for Ascend’s needs/modifications
  • Personalized support service
  • Ascend method is followed: training + support

All this makes our Ascend connector the perfect solution for retail.


Developed with WPS technology, (Windows Presentation Foundation).

Ascend connector images

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